My first camera was a 110 camera key chain that I received in the mid 1980s. I have been taking photos ever since. Of course I have upgraded the weapon of choice. In fact I have three that I mainly shoot with; a Mamiya C33, Pentax Program+ and a Canon Elan7. I shoot film and will always shoot film.
My subjects are also things that are important to me; my family and friends are my focus. I don't take the standard "portrait" of a person and a lot of people don't understand that. I try to push the limits of what a photo should be and I doubt myself every time. What ultimately pushes me forward is I would rather have an image of the real you versus what you want people to see. But let's talk about skulls. I find this is the object I am most drawn to because they are remnants of life. I love their fragility and their flaws. I have quite the collection and hope to keep adding.

When I am not photographing dead things and such I am usually reading a book, baking yummy things or adventuring with my husband, son and dog.

I hope you enjoy my film portfolio.